Who we are


The Society of Claim Law Associates (Society) is a not-for-profit corporation formed in 1992 and governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees who are elected by the general membership every two years. The Society is an organization of insurance claims people who have earned claims law designations from American Educational Institute (AEI)

Both AEI and the Society – partners in claims law education – are committed to providing the insurance claims professional with cost effective educational resources. AEI lays the foundation by providing a comprehensive course of study in claims law that results in industry recognized designations and awards. The Society builds upon that foundation by providing its members with continuing educational resources and opportunities. These resources include a Membership Directory for networking among members, a Claims Law Guide that includes relevant claims law information for each state and the District of Columbia (revised annually), and an online library – the Reading Room – that provides relevant claims law and coverage articles written by professionals in the industry.

The SCLA Annual Claims Conference & Designation Conferment offers claims professionals a claims relevant education program, networking opportunities, and recognition for having achieved a professional designation or award from AEI. The Conference is open to all claims professionals.

Everything we do is intended to further our mission – to promote claims professionalism through education.


Our Mission Education


The mission of the Society is to promote claims professionalism through education, improve the level of understanding, knowledge, and expertise of its members in the area of claims law and provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas relating to claims law. The Society will help to establish, maintain, and promote a level of professionalism among its members through its activities, and encourage and assist others to become the most proficient and knowledgeable claims professionals they can be.